Imagine if grades 5-12 students had access to a free university analytics platform capable of performing big data processing, visualizations, math equations, and text formatting — all in their web browser. It’s a real opportunity for simple, accessible learning, and it’s cost-free — we call it Callysto.

Help today’s kids become tomorrow’s digital leaders!

A web browser is all you need to access Callysto and its powerful computing platform, the Jupyter Notebook (a celebrated research tool used by researchers around the world).

The goal of Callysto is to seamlessly introduce students to “computational thinking” using Callysto. This ability to analytically assess any subject will be in high demand as students enter the progressively automated and digitally skilled future. Callysto’s curriculum-based learning modules support multifaceted problem solving through beginner level coding and data analysis.

Callysto is available now and will be introduced to classrooms starting in Fall 2018.

Access to Callysto at schools, and training for teachers, is cost-free.

Callysto learning modules will cover the full array of grades 5-12 curriculum subjects: from biology and math, to social studies and history.

We are looking for teachers interested in incorporating new technologies into their classroom to join our pilot!

Participating teachers will receive:

    • – Free workshop training sessions (including stipends to attend)
      – Post-workshop support to develop course modules
    • – Public recognition for participating in an educational trial