Callysto Tech Tips: Sharing Our Online Notebooks

Apr 1, 2020 · 2 min read

Callysto learning modules are Jupyter notebooks stored on GitHub, which is an online code-sharing site. A Jupyter notebook is a type of document that can include formatted text, live code, and visualizations.

You can share a notebook with your students, or colleagues, using a specially-formatted link that creates a copy for each person that clicks it.

Sharing Callysto notebook links with students or colleagues

  1. Go to the Callysto “Learning Modules” page
  2. Select a module you’re interested in, you can sort by grade or subject, or pick one of the “featured” modules
  3. Right-click the link to copy it, then share with your students
  4. They (and you) sign in to the Callysto Hub with a Google or Microsoft account (we don’t collect any data about users)
  5. Students click the link you sent in order to get their own copy of the notebook

Sharing Jupyter notebooks you create or find

To do this, we created a “bookmarklet” called CallystoGitPuller. That’s a piece of code you can drag and drop into your “bookmarks” bar on your browser.

Set up the bookmarklet:

Drag the text CallystoGitPuller to your bookmark bar or menu.

How to add GitPuller to your bookmark bar

If your bookmark bar isn’t visible, these instructions will help for ChromeFirefox, or Edge.

To use the bookmarklet:

  1. Find a notebook on a GitHub page, for example this notebook using Gapminder data to explore child mortality and birth rate
  2. While that GitHub notebook is on your screen, click on the CallystoGitPuller bookmarklet in your bookmark bar or menu
  3. Copy the link that pops up. This is the specially-formatted link that creates a copy of that notebook in a Callysto Hub account
  4. Share the link with students or colleagues, or perhaps shorten it first


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