We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the Callysto project. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in reaching the project’s goals.

Special thanks go to the non-profit organizations Cybera and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) for their dedicated facilitation of the program since its launch in 2017 until 2024. Additionally, we are grateful for the generous funding from the national CanCode program, which has been essential to the success and impact of Callysto over the years.

Dr. Byron Chu
Callysto Project Manager Data Scientist, Cybera

Dr. Cathy Adams
Department of Secondary Education, Computing Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

Dr. Ian Allison
Systems and Network Manager, PIMS

Professor James Colliander
Director, PIMS

Ozgur Yilmaz
Director, PIMS

Elmar Bouwer
Project Manager

Maria Cutumisu
Callysto Research Assessment Team Lead

Meagan Hampel
Communications Director, Cybera

Laura Hutchinson
Communications & Design Specialist (Cybera)

Professor Michael Lamoureux
Innovation Coordinator, PIMS, Callysto Ambassador for B.C.

David Hay
Learning & Development Manager, Callysto Ambassador for Alberta

Brad White
Project Manager

Laura Gutierrez-Funderburk
Data Scientist

Dr. Verena Roberts
Education Specialist

Lisa Cao
Data Science Intern

Tina Leard
Education Specialist

Alyaa Mohamed
Data Science Intern

Bryce Haley
Data Science Intern

Casey Knoll
Communications Specialist

Ishruna Muniyat
Communications Specialist

Mary Grant
Education Specialist

Rania Mahdi
Education Specialist Intern

Jordan Swanson
Data Science Intern

Jenny Lee
Data Science Intern

Bobbi Belsek
Education Specialist

Ayush Chaudhari
Data Science Intern

Eric Lee
Data Science Intern