Time spent on video games

Mar 3, 2021 · 1 min read

How much time are Canadians spending on video games?

What age levels spend the most time playing video games? And, how much is *too much* time playing video games?

To answer our question we:

  • Gathered data from Statistics Canada. Note, this data is from a 2010 survey so it would be interesting to see how the data has changed since then.
  • Created a bar chart, with age groups plotted on the y-axis, and average minutes playing video games per day plotted on the x-axis.

Reflect on what you see

Look and interact with the bar chart above. When you mouse-over the bar chart you’ll notice more information appears.

Think about the following questions:

  • What do you notice about the bar chart?
  • What do you wonder about the data?

Use the fill-in-the-blank prompts to summarize your thoughts:

  • “I used to think_______”
  • “Now I think_______”
  • “I wish I knew more about_______”
  • “These data visualizations remind me of _______”

Learn how we visualized the data

Go to our walk-through (in Jupyter notebook format) to see how we used the data science process (formulating a question, gathering the data, analyzing the data with code, and creating the visualizations) to create the scatterplot.

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