Computational thinking course

Mar 26, 2024 · 1 min read

Are you an educator who wants to introduce computational thinking into your classrooms but are unsure where to begin? Jupyter Notebook technology allows you to seamlessly bring together descriptive text, multimedia, open data and live Python programming code to create interactive educational resources across all subject areas that feature computational thinking.

This course developed by the people behind the Callysto program ( starts with an introduction to the fundamentals of computational thinking and shows you how you can bring it into your classrooms using Jupyter Notebook technology and learning resources developed by Callysto. This course will teach you how to run live Python programming code in a non-intimidating manner designed for non-coders, and will build your confidence in interacting with this pervasive technology. This course also provides you with the tools to become your own creator to introduce computational thinking in your own classrooms across all subject areas.

No previous programming knowledge needed. Please join us as you start your computational thinking journey.


This is an introductory course recommended for Grade 5-12 educators with no prerequisites except a curiosity to learn.

Link: Computational thinking course

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