Gallery of Interesting Notebooks

Example notebooks that demonstrate how Callysto enhances existing curricula.

To open the notebook:

  1. Click on the link (there may be a couple-minute delay depending on activity)
  2. Once in the notebook, click on “Cell” and then “Run All”
  3. Make changes to the text by double-clicking on a specific cell, and when finished, click “Run”.*

*When you open a notebook, it creates a new, temporary version of that notebook. Any changes you make will not be reflected in the original notebook.

Science 9:
Incorporating Live Water Treatment Readings

In this lab experiment, students are asked to measure and record the conductivity of different solutions, and are able to compare their results with live readings from the local water treatment plant.

History/Geography 5:
Mapping the American Revolution

In this notebook, students learn about latitude / longitude lines, and discover new ways to visualize the battles of the American Revolutionary War.

Math 7-11:
Flipping (Unlimited) Coins to Show Number Probabilities

A classic statistics experiment is simply counting how many “heads” and “tails” students observe when flipping a coin repeatedly. This notebook allows them to flip an infinite number of coins.

More Demo Notebooks

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