Get Started

Using Callysto in your Classroom

Required Materials

  • Computers or Chromebooks for each student or group (tablets will also work, but not as well).
  • Internet access (most browsers will work, although Internet Explorer is not recommended).
  • A projector or large screen to walk through the module with students.


  • Select a Callysto learning module. Check that it loads and functions as expected.

    If it’s the first time  most of your students are using text-based code, start with the Python and Jupyter basics notebooks (link above).

     – Share this link with your students by posting it on to a screen, the board, or in your online classroom system.

  • Ensure your students know how to log into their Google or Microsoft account. Note that Callysto does not collect any personally identifiable information.
  • Although internet bandwidth requirements are fairly minimal, if you have a slow connection consider having students in pairs or groups.

During the activity

  1. Introduce Python and Jupyter

Python is one of the most popular and powerful text-based programming languages. It’s good for new coders to use, but is also used by professional programmers, data scientists, artificial intelligence researchers, and many others.

– We’ll be using Python code in a Jupyter notebook, is an online document that can include both text and code in different “cells” or parts of the document.

2. Have students log in to with their Google or Microsoft account.

– This creates an account and a Jupyter server for each of them.

3. Have students click or type the link to get their own copy of the notebook(s) you will be using.

4. Help them get started with the notebook(s), then allow time for them to try things.

5. If students need a fresh copy of the notebook, they can delete it from their hub and go back to step 3.

6. To delete a notebook, select the checkbox next to it and then click the trash can icon at the top of the screen.


If you have any questions about setting up Callysto in your classroom, email us at