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These pre-made, introductory data science lessons are a way for students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. We start with a question, find an open dataset to answer the question, and then ask students to reflect. Filter learning modules by subject areas or topics of interest, such as:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics / Mathématiques
  • Technology studies / Technologie
  • Social studies / Etudes Sociales
  • Health
  • English language arts
  • Science
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SubjectGradeTitleDescriptionLinkDate Added
Biology12Body ElectricityInvestigate the body's electrical signals while exercising and at rest using a micro:bitClick2020-11-21
English Language Arts5Introduction to Poetry ConceptsIntroduce poetry concepts such as haiku, diamante, and limerick poemsClick2020-02-04
English Language Arts11Shakespeare and StatisticsExplore the works of shakespeare from a statistical perspective. Can you discover the most important themes and characters based on word counts alone?Click2018-09-17
English Language Arts8Parts of SpeechUsing AI to analyze parts of speech in textsClick2020-08-29
English Language Arts5Story Plot GeneratorEncourage students to write different stories by generating a story starterClick2020-10-23
English Language Arts5-12Story Word CloudsVisualize word frequencies by generating a word cloudClick2020-10-23
English Language Arts10-12Great Gatsby Data ScienceNatural language processing and data analytics from the text of the novel The Great GatsbyClick2023-03-02
Etudes Sociales10-12Article sur l'immigration et le travailReproduction des résultats d'un article du LA TimesClick2020-04-21
Etudes Sociales10-12PIB provincial par industrieEnquêter sur les données du PIB par industrieClick2020-04-21
Health11CALM: Moving OutA CALM 20 project on the finances of moving out on your ownClick2020-04-21
Health8-9Asthma Rates in AlbertaComparing incidence and prevalence of asthma in AlbertaClick2021-02-05
Health5-8Seven Minute WorkoutUse Python programming language to set up a workout routineClick2021-03-31
Languages5-9French Verb CodingLearn verb conjugation in French (code is shown)Click2020-02-04
Languages7-9Language PronounciationUse Google Translate and Google-Text-To-Speech feature within Python to learn how to pronounce phrases in different languagesClick2021-03-31
Languages5-12Most Used English WordsData analysis of which English words are used the mostClick2021-04-09
Mathematics7Counting TrianglesCounting triangles math puzzleClick2020-02-04
Mathematics12Intervals (where inequality is satisfied)Graph and analyze polynomial functions (limited to polynomial functions of degree ≤ 5 )Click2020-02-04
Mathematics11Develop Statistical ReasoningDemonstrate an understanding of normal distribution, including standard deviation, z-scoresClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Cryptography CyphersA lesson in the basics of cyptography and its cyphersClick2018-09-17
Mathematics8Graph and Analyze Two-variable Linear RelationsGraph and analyze two-variable linear relationsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics9Order of OperationsExplain and apply the order of operations, including exponents, with and without technologyClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Independent ProbabilitySolve problems involving the probability of independent eventsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics12Interpret and Assess OddsInterpret and assess the validity of odds and probability statementsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11Budget and Banking AssignmentSolve problems that involve personal budgetsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Outliers and Central TendencyDetermine the effect on the mean, median and mode when an outlier is included in a data setClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11Fibonacci NumbersLearn about the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden ratioClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Oral and Written PatternsDemonstrate an understanding of oral and written patterns and their equivalent linear relationsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Central TendencyDemonstrate an understanding of central tendency and rangeClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Create label and interpret line graphsLearn to plot data as line graphs in PythonClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Area of a ParallelogramDevelop and apply a formula for determining the area of a parallelogramClick2019-03-15
Mathematics7Geometric TransformationsPerform and describe transformations (translations, rotations or reflections) of a 2-D shape in all four quadrants of a Cartesian planeClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Multiplication and Division of FractionsDevelop an understanding of multiplying and dividing fractionsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics12Represent data, using sinusoidal functions, to solve problems.Represent data, using sinusoidal functions, to solve problemsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics12Compositions of FunctionsExplore operations on and compositions of functionsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics7-12A classic statistics experiment is simply counting how many “heads” and “tails” students observe when flipping a coin repeatedly. This notebook allows them to flip a nearly infinite number of coins.A classic statistics experiment is simply counting how many “heads” and “tails” students observe when flipping a coin repeatedly. This notebook allows them to flip an infinite number of coins.Click2018-09-17
Mathematics5-12Pi DayLearn about and interact with Pi related activitiesClick2019-03-15
Mathematics5-12Coast Salish Basket MotifsExplore geometric motifs and patterns while learning about traditional basket weaving of the Tla'amin Nation. Students can create their own motifs and 3D models.Click2019-01-24
Mathematics12Analyze Radical FunctionsIntroduction to graphing and analyzing radical functionsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics5Multiples and FactorsLearn about mutliples and factors using PythonClick2020-03-24
Mathematics10-11Tipping Point JobsDemonstrate an understanding of income by determining which job offer you should takeClick2020-03-24
Mathematics7Interpreting Statistical DataIntroduce confidence interval and confidence levelClick2020-06-22
Mathematics11Curve FittingFinding a best fit line or curveClick2020-07-22
Mathematics11Curve Fitting Real DataFinding a best fit line or curve with real-world dataClick2020-07-22
Mathematics11Statistics ProjectA statistical research project for high school math studentsClick2020-08-29
Mathematics5-12Double Bar GraphsUse double bar graphs to visualize and compare dataClick2020-10-23
Mathematics5Visualizing FractionsVisualizing and comparing fractions with bar and pie chartsClick2020-11-07
Mathematics12Visualizing Exponential GrowthExploring the logarithmic scale and exponential growth with COVID-19 case dataClick2020-12-10
Mathematics5-6Multiplication TableCalculate and display a multiplication table, and generate random multiplication practice questionsClick2021-02-05
Mathematics6Drawing Angles with TurtlesVisualizing and naming angles using a Python turtleClick2021-03-31
Mathematics9-12Exponential GrowthIntroducing exponential growth using rice on a chessboard and lily pads on a pondClick2022-08-31
Mathematics6Experimental ProbabilityVirtually flipping coins and rollding dice, and generating graphs of the outcomesClick2023-03-20
Mathématiques6Introduction aux fonctions mathématiquesExploration des fonctions mathématiques et des fonctions de PythonClick2020-04-21
Mathématiques6Réflexions mathématiquesRegard sur les réflexions mathématiquesClick2020-04-21
Science9Exploring the Solar SystemExplore about the origins and astronomical bodies of our solar system and the universeClick2020-02-04
Science11Specific and Latent HeatAnalyze, qualitatively and quantitatively, the effect of heat on matter during temperature changes and changes of state using kinetic molecular theoryClick2020-02-04
Science8Light TransmissionInvestigate the transmission of light, and describe its interaction with different surfacesClick2019-03-15
Science7Heat and Temperature: Nature of Thermal EnergyDescribe the nature of thermal energy and its effects on different forms of matter, using informal observations, experimental evidence and modelsClick2020-02-04
Science11Reflections of LightExamine, using physical materials, ray diagrams and mathematical equations, how waves reflect from a variety of barriersClick2020-02-04
Science8Light and Optical SystemsInvestigate and explain the science of image formation and visionClick2020-02-04
Science7-10Climate ChangeUse data about global temperatures, arctic sea ice, and global sea level to demonstrate evidence for climate change due to human impact.Click2018-09-17
Science9Electrical ConductivityIn this lab experiment, students are asked to measure and record the conductivity of different solutions, and are able to compare their results with live readings from the local water treatment plantClick2018-09-17
Science11Uniform and Uniformly Accelerated MotionDevelop qualitative and quantitative understanding of uniform and uniformly accelerated motionClick2019-03-15
Science7-10Science Lab Report TemplateAn interactive template for science lab reports including entering and graphing observational dataClick2020-02-04
Science10ClimatographsCreate graphs of average temperature and precipitation for any locationClick2020-03-24
Science10-12COVID-19 around the worldA sunburst visualization of COVID-19 cases around the worldClick2020-04-21
Science7-12Changement climatiqueEnquêter sur les données relatives au changement climatiqueClick2020-04-21
Science9Conductivité électriqueMesurer et comparer la conductivité électriqueClick2020-04-21
Science10-12Rapport de laboratoireUn modèle pour les rapports de laboratoireClick2020-04-21
Science9Canadian Electricity GenerationVisualizing data about how electricity is produced in CanadaClick2020-12-10
Science8Water Well LocationsMapping water well locations in AlbertaClick2021-02-05
Science9-12GMO's in SpaceUse data and techniques in bioinformatics to determine what plants should be grown on MarsClick2021-03-31
Science5-12micro:bit Data CollectionCollecting data digitally using a microcontroller and a WebSerial connectionClick2021-04-09
Science5Block-Based Computer ScienceIntroduction to Computer Science with Block-Based Code and PythonClick2021-04-12
Science6Elementary Climate ChangeInvestigating climate change through sea ice, ocean levels, and forest firesClick2023-07-05
Science12Non-logarithmic Half Life CalculationsPerform simple, nonlogarithmic half-life calculationsClick2020-02-04
Science - Physics 2011Mathematics of SoundLearn about the connection between sound vibrations and beats, chirps, and pulsesClick2020-02-04
Science - Physics 2011Mathematics of PitchLearn about the connection between the pitch of notes and fractionsClick2020-02-04
Science - Physics 2011Projectile MotionExplore and model projectile motionClick2018-09-17
Social Studies10Communication and GlobalizationLearn about how telecommunications is making the world more connectedClick2020-02-04
Social Studies7-12Music is UbiquitousAnalyze a Spotify dataset and learn about artists from around the worldClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Trade and GlobalizationLearn about how goods are traded globallyClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Languages an important identity in globalizing worldLearn about the languages from around the world that connect usClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Migration necessity for diversityExamine patterns in human migration from around the worldClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Sustainability a side effect of globalizationExamine how human globalization has impact our environmentClick2020-02-04
Social Studies11-12The Geography of Residential SchoolsStudents will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of residential schools on Indigenous children.Click2018-09-17
Social Studies5Geographic Progression of American RevolutionExplore an interactive timeline of the American Revolution with lessons in geographyClick2018-09-17
Social Studies8Survive the Middle Ages GameA character based game on surviving the middle agesClick2020-08-29
Social Studies5-9Capitals CitiesCreate an interactive map of the capital cities in CanadaClick2020-10-23
Social Studies5Orphan Wells in AlbertaMapping orphan well locations in AlbertaClick2020-02-05
Social Studies9-12Hansard AnalysisData analysis of transcripts obtained from Parliamentary debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries ("Hansard")Click2021-03-31
Social Studies7-12World Historical Battle DatabaseExploring the battles from throughout human history, and across the world.Click2023-07-13
Technologie4-12CommencerPour commencer avec CallystoClick2020-04-21
Technologie5-12Introduction aux données ouvertesPour commencer avec données ouvertesClick2020-04-21
Technologie4-12Introduction aux PythonPour commencer avec PythonClick2020-04-21
Technology Studies12Introduction to Data Structures in PythonInvestigate types of data structures and the advantages of organizing data in different ways using PythonClick2020-02-04
Technology Studies5-12Introduction to PythonLearn the basics of Python and algorithms in this introductory notebookClick2018-09-17
Technology Studies5-12Introduction to Python ClassesLearn about Python classesClick2019-03-15
Technology Studies4-12Turtle Python ProgrammingLearn how to use Python to program a virtual turtle to drawClick2020-03-24
Technology Studies4-12Turtles and Python DictionariesLearning about lists and dictionaries by drawing with a Python turtleClick2020-04-21
Technology Studies4-12Turtles and Python Data ScienceLearning about pandas Data Frames by drawing with a Python turtleClick2020-04-21
Technology Studies12Accessing Open Data via APIUsing the SODA API to access, transform, and plot dataClick2020-06-09
Social Studies8-11Exploring World Historical Battle DatabaseInvestigate battles from throughout human history, and across the world, and Canada’s involvement in warsClick2023-08-09
Technology Studies10Computing Science 10A series of notebooks for Computing Science 10Click2023-08-30
Social Studies9-12Open ParliamentAnalyzing transcripts from Canadian Parliamentary debates (known as "Hansard") by integrating API data scraping to include more up-to-date data in the analysis.Click2023-09-12
Science5-12Water LevelsInvestigate historical trends in water levels for bodies of water in Canada.Click2023-10-26