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Happy Pi Day!

Celebrate Pi Day with our Pi Day module! Students will learn what Pi is and how they can combine coding with Pi. To enhance the learning experience, we recommend pairing this lesson with a slice (or two) of actual pie. 

Social Studies/Math 5+: Salish Baskets

Explore geometric motifs and patterns while learning about traditional basket weaving of the Tla’amin Nation. In the first notebook, students will be able to create their own motif, and in the second, they can display it in a 3D model.

Science: Live Water Treatment Readings

In this science lab, students are asked to measure and record the conductivity of different solutions and are able to compare their results with live readings from the local water treatment plant.

English Language Arts: Shakespeare and Statistics

Students will import the classic Shakespearean texts Macbeth and Hamlet, and perform a statistical analysis of proper nouns in each.

Social Studies: Bubonic Plague Outbreak Modelling

Students will learn about modelling and interactively simulating a disease outbreak like the Bubonic Plague.

Math: Flipping (Unlimited) Coins to Show Number Probabilities​

A classic statistics experiment is simply counting how many “heads” and “tails” students observe when flipping a coin repeatedly. This notebook allows them to flip an infinite number of coins.

General/Art: Drawing with Turtles

Even if you weren’t programming in the late 1960s, you can experience the joy of line drawing with virtual turtles.

Curriculum Modules

SubjectGradeTitleDescriptionLinkDate Added
English Language Arts5Introduction to Poetry ConceptsIntroduce poetry concepts such as haiku, diamante, and limerick poemsClick2020-02-04
English Language Arts5Story Plot GeneratorEncourage students to write different stories by generating a story starterClick2020-10-23
English Language Arts8Parts of SpeechUsing AI to analyze parts of speech in textsClick2020-08-29
English Language Arts11Shakespeare and StatisticsExplore the works of shakespeare from a statistical perspective. Can you discover the most important themes and characters based on word counts alone?Click2018-09-17
English Language Arts5-12Story Word CloudsVisualize word frequencies by generating a word cloudClick2020-10-23
Etudes Sociales10-12Article sur l'immigration et le travailReproduction des résultats d'un article du LA TimesCliquez2020-04-21
Etudes Sociales10-12PIB provincial par industrieEnquêter sur les données du PIB par industrieCliquez2020-04-21
Health11CALM: Moving OutA CALM 20 project on the finances of moving out on your ownClick2020-04-21
Languages5-9French Verb CodingLearn verb conjugation in French (code is shown)Click2020-02-04
Languages5-9French Verb ConjugationLearn verb conjugation in French (code is hidden)Click2020-02-04
Mathematics5Multiples and FactorsLearn about mutliples and factors using PythonClick2020-03-24
Mathematics5Compare and Order NumbersComparing and ordering fractions, decimals, and whole numbersClick2020-06-22
Mathematics6Perimeter of Triangles and RectanglesInvestigating the perimeter of shapes with three and four sidesClick2020-06-22
Mathematics6Perimeter of Irregular ShapesInvestigating the perimeter of shapes with sides and angles of any sizeClick2020-06-22
Mathematics7Counting TrianglesCounting triangles math puzzleClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Linear RelationshipsLearn about linear relationshipsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics7Fraction AdditionDemonstrate an understanding of adding and subtracting positive fractions and mixed numbers, with like and unlike denominators, concretely, pictorially and symbolically (limited to positive sums and differences)Click2020-02-04
Mathematics7PercentagesLearn about problems involving percents from 1% to 100%Click2019-03-15
Mathematics7Outliers and Central TendencyDetermine the effect on the mean, median and mode when an outlier is included in a data setClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Oral and Written PatternsDemonstrate an understanding of oral and written patterns and their equivalent linear relationsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Central TendencyDemonstrate an understanding of central tendency and rangeClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Area of a ParallelogramDevelop and apply a formula for determining the area of a parallelogramClick2019-03-15
Mathematics7Transformations of Objects and ShapesPerform and describe transformations (translations, rotations or reflections) of a 2-D shape in all four quadrants of a Cartesian planeClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Transformations of Objects and Shapes [Exercises][Exercises] Perform and describe transformations (translations, rotations or reflections) of a 2-D shape in all four quadrants of a Cartesian planeClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Triangle AreaFinding the areas of trianglesClick2020-06-22
Mathematics7Interpreting Statistical DataIntroduce confidence interval and confidence levelClick2020-06-22
Mathematics8Rates, Ratios and Proportional ReasoningSolve problems that involve rates, ratios and proportional reasoningClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Graph and Analyze Two-variable Linear RelationsGraph and analyze two-variable linear relationsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics8Independent ProbabilitySolve problems involving the probability of independent eventsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics8Data RepresentationCritique ways in which data is presented in circle graphs, line graphs, bar graphs and pictographsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics8Visualizing Fraction MultiplicationDevelop a visual understanding of multiplying fractionsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics8Create label and interpret line graphsLearn to plot data as line graphs in PythonClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Geometry Basics - Shape and SpaceLearn about height, depth, thickness, perimeter and circumference concepts to solve problems in everyday contexts.Use measurement concepts, appropriate tools and results of measurements to solve problems in everyday contextsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Multiplication and Division of FractionsDevelop an understanding of multiplying and dividing fractionsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics8The Pythagorean TheoremDevelop and apply the Pythagorean theorem to solve problemsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Approximating Non-perfect Square RootsDetermine the approximate square root of numbers that are not perfect squaresClick2020-02-04
Mathematics9Order of OperationsExplain and apply the order of operations, including exponents, with and without technologyClick2020-02-04
Mathematics10Binary Decimal ConversionBinary and numbers in other basesClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11Develop Statistical ReasoningDemonstrate an understanding of normal distribution, including standard deviation, z-scoresClick2018-09-17
Mathematics11Appreciation of Mathematics in SocietyDevelop an appreciation of the role of mathematics in societyClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11Budget and Banking AssignmentSolve problems that involve personal budgetsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11Fibonacci NumbersLearn about the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden ratioClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11RadicandsSolve problems that involve operations on radicals and radical expressions with numerical and variable radicands (limited to square
Mathematics11Inductive and Deductive ReasoningAnalyze and prove conjectures, using inductive and deductive reasoning, to solve problemsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics11Statistics & Probability: Chance & UncertaintyExpressing and manipulating probabilitiesClick2020-06-09
Mathematics11Curve FittingFinding a best fit line or curveClick2020-07-22
Mathematics11Curve Fitting Real DataFinding a best fit line or curve with real-world dataClick2020-07-22
Mathematics11Statistics ProjectA statistical research project for high school math studentsClick2020-08-29
Mathematics12Intervals (where inequality is satisfied)Graph and analyze polynomial functions (limited to polynomial functions of degree ? 5 )Click2020-02-04
Mathematics12Laws of LogarithmsDemonstrate an understanding of the product, quotient and power laws
of logarithms
Mathematics12Cryptography CyphersA lesson in the basics of cyptography and its cyphersClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Root-finding AlgorithmsDemonstrate an understanding of factoring polynomials of degree greater than 2Click2020-02-04
Mathematics12Interpret and Assess OddsInterpret and assess the validity of odds and probability statementsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics12Horizontal and Vertical TranslationsDemonstrate an understanding of the effects of horizontal and vertical translations on the graphs of functionsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics12Represent data, using sinusoidal functions, to solve problems.Represent data, using sinusoidal functions, to solve problemsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics12Compositions of FunctionsExplore operations on and compositions of functionsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Analyze Radical FunctionsIntroduction to graphing and analyzing radical functionsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Effects of Reflections on graphs of functionsDemonstrate an understanding of the effects of reflections on the graphs of functions and their related equationsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics7-12Flipping CoinsA classic statistics experiment is simply counting how many “heads” and “tails” students observe when flipping a coin repeatedly. This notebook allows them to flip an infinite number of coins.Click2018-09-17
Mathematics5-12Pi DayLearn about and interact with Pi related activitiesClick2019-03-15
Mathematics5-12Coast Salish Basket Motifs: CreatingExplore geometric motifs and patterns while learning about traditional basket weaving of the Tla'amin Nation. In this notebook, students will be able to create their own motifClick2019-01-24
Mathematics5-12Coast Salish Basket Motifs: EditingExplore geometric motifs and patterns while learning about traditional basket weaving of the Tla'amin Nation. In this notebook they can display it in a 3D modelClick2019-01-24
Mathematics5-12Double Bar GraphsUse double bar graphs to visualize and compare dataClick2020-10-23
Mathematics10-11Tipping Point JobsDemonstrate an understanding of income by determining which job offer you should takeClick2020-03-24
Mathe?matiques6Introduction aux fonctions mathématiquesExploration des fonctions mathématiques et des fonctions de PythonCliquez2020-04-21
Mathe?matiques6Réflexions mathématiquesRegard sur les réflexions mathématiquesCliquez2020-04-21
Science5Electricity Consumption MonitoringMonitoring the usage of electricity in homesClick2020-06-22
Science7Thermal ExpansionDescribe the nature of thermal energy and its effects on different forms of matter, using informal observations, experimental evidence and modelsClick2020-02-04
Science7Methods Used in Studying the EarthDescribe and demonstrate methods used in the scientific study of Earth and in observing and
interpreting its component materials
Science7Heat and Temperature: Nature of Thermal EnergyDescribe the nature of thermal energy and its effects on different forms of matter, using informal observations, experimental evidence and modelsClick2020-02-04
Science7Heat and TemperatureExplain how human needs have led to technologies for obtaining and controlling thermal energy and to increased use of energy resourcesClick2020-02-04
Science8Light TransmissionInvestigate the transmission of light, and describe its interaction with different surfacesClick2019-03-15
Science8Light and Optical SystemsInvestigate and explain the science of image formation and visionClick2020-02-04
Science9Concentration and pHIdentify processes for measuring the quantity of different substances in the environment and for monitoring air and water qualityClick2020-02-04
Science9Sources of EnergyExplore different renewable and non-renewable sources of energyClick2020-02-04
Science9Exploring the Solar SystemExplore about the origins and astronomical bodies of our solar system and the universeClick2020-02-04
Science9Electrical ConductivityIn this lab experiment, students are asked to measure and record the conductivity of different solutions, and are able to compare their results with live readings from the local water treatment plantClick2018-09-17
Science9Conductivite? e?lectriqueMesurer et comparer la conductivité électriqueCliquez2020-04-21
Science10Chemistry - Balancing Chemical EquationsRepresent chemical reactions and conservation of mass symbolically using models, word and skeleton equations and balanced chemical equationsClick2020-02-04
Science10ClimatographsCreate graphs of average temperature and precipitation for any locationClick2020-03-24
Science10Chemistry - Chemical NomenclatureNaming ionic and molecular compoundsClick2020-06-22
Science11Specific and Latent HeatAnalyze, qualitatively and quantitatively, the effect of heat on matter during temperature changes and changes of state using kinetic molecular theoryClick2020-02-04
Science11Reflections of LightExamine, using physical materials, ray diagrams and mathematical equations, how waves reflect from a variety of barriersClick2020-02-04
Science11Physics - Newton's First LawExplore Newton's First Law with simulationsClick2018-09-17
Science11Physics - Newton's Second LawApply Newton's second law of motion to explain, qualitatively, the relationships among net force, mass and accelerationClick2020-02-04
Science11Physics - Newton's Third LawLearn about Newton's third law of motionClick2019-03-15
Science11Chemistry - Stoichiometry and Limiting ReactantsUse stoichiometry to determine the relative amounts of substances consumed and produced in chemical reactionsClick2020-02-04
Science11Uniform and Uniformly Accelerated MotionDevelop qualitative and quantitative understanding of uniform and uniformly accelerated motionClick2019-03-15
Science12Physics - Alpha, Beta and Gamma RadiationDescribe the nature and properties, including the biological effects, of alpha, beta and gamma radiationClick2020-02-04
Science12Nuclear DecayExplore simulations of the nuclear decay of elements and half life calculationsClick2018-09-17
Science7-10Climate ChangeUse data about global temperatures, arctic sea ice, and global sea level to demonstrate evidence for climate change due to human impact.Click2018-09-17
Science7-10Science Lab Report TemplateAn interactive template for science lab reports including entering and graphing observational dataClick2020-02-04
Science7-12Changement climatiqueEnquêter sur les données relatives au changement climatiqueCliquez2020-04-21
Science10-11Chemistry - Classifying Chemical ReactionsPredict products of the five basic types of chemical reactions and evaluate the impact of these reactions on society and the environmentClick2020-02-04
Science10-12COVID-19 around the worldVisualize the total number of confirmed, recovered, and deaths in the COVID-19 pandemicClick2020-04-21
Science10-12Désintégration radioactiveEnquêter sur la décroissance radioactiveCliquez2020-04-21
Science10-12Modèle de rapport de laboratoireUn modèle pour les rapports de laboratoireCliquez2020-04-21
Science11Physics - Static And Kinetic Forces of Friction Acting on an ObjectExplain, qualitatively and quantitatively, static and kinetic forces of friction acting on an objectClick2020-02-04
Science11Physics - Mathematics of SoundLearn about the connection between sound vibrations and beats, chirps, and pulsesClick2020-02-04
Science11Physics - Mathematics of PitchLearn about the connection between the pitch of notes and fractionsClick2020-02-04
Science11Physics - Projectile MotionExplore and model projectile motionClick2018-09-17
Science12Non-logarithmic Half Life CalculationsPerform simple, nonlogarithmic half-life calculationsClick2020-02-04
Social Studies5Geographic Progression of American RevolutionExplore an interactive timeline of the American Revolution with lessons in geographyClick2018-09-17
Social Studies8Bubonic Plague timelineLearn about the progression of the bubonic plagueClick2018-09-17
Social Studies8Telling TimeHistory and examples of telling timeClick2020-02-04
Social Studies8Survive the Middle Ages GameA character based game on surviving the middle agesClick2020-08-29
Social Studies10Bubonic Plague disease modelingLearn about the bubonic plague and model its progressionClick2018-09-17
Social Studies10Communication and GlobalizationLearn about how telecommunications is making the world more connectedClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Trade and GlobalizationLearn about how goods are traded globallyClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Languages an important identity in globalizing worldLearn about the languages from around the world that connect usClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Migration necessity for diversityExamine patterns in human migration from around the worldClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Sustainability a side effect of globalizationExamine how human globalization has impact our environmentClick2020-02-04
Social Studies5-9Capitals CitiesCreate an interactive map of the capital cities in CanadaClick2020-10-23
Social Studies7-12Music is UbiquitousAnalyze a Spotify dataset and learn about artists from around the worldClick2020-02-04
Social Studies11-12The Geography of Residential SchoolsStudents will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of residential schools on Indigenous children.Click2018-09-17
Technologie4-12CommencerPour commencer avec CallystoCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4-12Journal numériqueJournal numérique du camp d'étéCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4-12LaTeX (en français)Pour commencer avec LaTeXCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4-12Markdown (en français)Pour commencer avec markdownCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4-12Introduction aux PythonPour commencer avec PythonCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie5-12Introduction aux données ouvertesPour commencer avec données ouvertesCliquez2020-04-21
Technology Studies12Introduction to Data Structures in PythonInvestigate types of data structures and the advantages of organizing data in different ways using PythonClick2020-02-04
Technology Studies12Accessing Open Data via APIUsing the SODA API to access, transform, and plot dataClick2020-06-09
Technology Studies5-12Introduction to PythonLearn the basics of Python and algorithms in this introductory notebookClick2018-09-17
Technology Studies5-12Introduction to Python ClassesLearn about Python classesClick2019-03-15
Technology Studies4-12Turtle Python ProgrammingLearn how to use Python to program a virtual turtle to drawClick2020-03-24
Technology Studies4-12Turtles and Python DictionariesLearning about lists and dictionaries by drawing with a Python turtleClick2020-04-21
Technology Studies4-12Turtles and Python Data ScienceLearning about pandas Data Frames by drawing with a Python turtleClick2020-04-21