Our Mission

The Callysto program was launched in November 2017 by Cybera and the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), with funding support from CanCode, a national program that supports initiatives that aid coding and digital skill development among Canadian youth. Callysto is a free multimodal learning platform for grades 5-12 students across Canada. The interactive, online tool utilizes a multitude of creative technologies, such as coding, digital graphics and a variety of multimedia applications.

The Callysto program was created to advance Canada’s education landscape and address the growing needs of the modern world at large. The goal of Callysto program is to help young learners complete high school with the fundamental skills – computational and design thinking – required to be able to tackle any challenge they might face. These newly learned computational and design thinking skills can be applied to nearly any job and any sector. The ability to solve problems, critically analyze information, communicate and think creatively and beyond the current method of doing things, are invaluable competencies in our constantly evolving, technology-driven world.

Our mission is to – at no cost – provide as many teachers as possible with the tools they need to be able to teach their students how to use Callysto and inspire them to become confident technology explorers, innovators and problem solvers. We hope to achieve this through our free teacher training workshops – currently being offered across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan – as well as free follow up and technical support.